5 Easy Facts About Family Guy tv Described

As gas starts to run reduced, the remaining source is reapportioned for your local medical Middle. A person dying of radiation poisoning and burns is caught as he attempts to interrupt into the pharmacy. Jake realizes that the person, Victor Miller, experienced reached the town in the vehicle of among the "Four Horsemen". Miller tells Jake and Hawkins that he had led a gaggle of refugees from Denver.

The mini-documentaries function professional interviews about the effects of a nuclear assault. They are really only minimally connected to Each and every episode's plot. By way of example, CBS' eight-episode plot summary reads: "A shadowy armed forces unit bursts in to the chamber Hawkins has just vacated.


This was among the 1st shows to get episodes launched on-line, along with the help save our show on-line marketing campaign. Even sending nuts to CBS to have them un-terminate the show, which they did. Great what would you do In case your earth acquired turned the wrong way up right away.

Cafferty is sooner or later captured and vows revenge on Jake. Stanley desires pesticides for his crops, and unwillingly surrenders A part of his harvest towards the town to obtain them. Meanwhile, Robert Hawkins' daughter, Allison, discovers his map, and Robert tells her that he is effective to be a spy for the United States federal government. 

Every single of such new webisodes appeared concurrently with the published of latest episodes in the course of season 1, and showed Robert Hawkins collecting info prior to the attack. Past Jericho[edit]

Things are looking up for Jericho Using the success of The brand new quarry. However, the collapse of a mine-shaft leaves the two Blackwood brothers trapped. Coates is the only real male with the expertise to help.

Jake rallies Jericho residents to consider shelter from fallout from the nuclear bomb that ruined Denver. On the other hand, the shelter is uninhabitable.

Whilst the brothers are with the medical center they come across a combative team of people who phone themselves Ravenwood. The brothers discover that they’re trapped and must look for a way back again to Jericho.

When a hardly aware outsider is uncovered looting the pharmacy for supplies, his identification and procedure result in controversy. Somewhere else, the desperate want for gas endangers both events and people.

This flashback episode commences at 36 hrs prior to the attacks, and focuses on Jake and the Hawkins. Robert Hawkins is given a truck, a nuclear bomb, website and his concentrate on – Columbus, Ohio. In place of touring there and detonating his bomb, he kidnaps his estranged spouse and youngsters and moves them to Jericho, subduing two law enforcement officers in the method. His wife points a gun at him, but before anything far more can take place, the Denver bomb explodes. Jake's Buddy tries to co-decide him for an unlawful cargo operate Procedure in the Middle East.

Russell mentions that Heather knew with the turbine's shipping but didn't want to come. Darcy Hawkins moves in check here with Deputy Sheriff Jimmy Taylor's family briefly, and backs up Robert when he statements that Sarah decided to travel south on her very own. Meanwhile, Dale threatens a farmer at gunpoint when the farmer refuses to pay his facet of a offer. 

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Jake, his father, Heather and Dale go to Black Jack to try to locate the parts needed to repair the windmill. Sarah goes dwelling with Hawkins towards the rest of his family's needs.

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